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California Daycare License

Thinking of sending your child to daycare? You should make sure to check the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) search to confirm the daycare in question is licensed. The California daycare license lookup makes it easy for parents to confirm that their care provider is licensed. The California daycare license lookup is also a useful tool for newly licensed providers who want to easily prove their qualifications to others.

How Do I Get My Daycare License in California?

Before you can find your name on a CA daycare license lookup and start running a daycare, you must get your license, which starts with attending an orientation. This is available online or in-person. There is an orientation fee of $25, along with a $2.43 processing fee.

After you have attended the orientation, you can submit your application. You need to be at least 18 years old and include your name, phone number, and address. You will also have to provide the number of children you will care for and their ages. The application also includes the names and ages of anyone else living in the house you will use as a daycare. It also includes financial stability and compliance statements.

You will then need to provide fingerprints for any adults that live in the home or interact with the kids. You will also need to show tuberculosis clearance and that you comply with the standards of the fire marshal. Plus, you must provide the contact information for your local fire department.

If you want a license to operate as a large family childcare home, you also need to show a year of experience at a licensed center. You will also need to pass a criminal background check.

After the application, you will have a home inspection.

Who Regulates Board and Care Facilities in California?

Whether they are for children or the elderly, the California Department of Social Services and the Community Care Licensing Division regulate board and care facilities. The laws and licensing are also enforced by the Continuing Care Contracts Branch.

What Is the Role of the Community Care Licensing Division in California?

The Community Care Licensing Division aims to ensure everyone in community care maintains quality of life, health, and safety. To do so, they list providers who are qualified on a daycare license California lookup.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Daycare License in California?

At a minimum, you will need about six months to get a daycare license. Remember that you need that license to be listed on a State of California daycare license lookup. This is about how long the entire process will take, including the orientation, application, inspection, and approval.

How Much Is a Child Care License in California?

The cost of a child care license in California depends on the type of daycare. The fee is $73 for a Small Family Day Care with 1–8 children and $140 for a Large Family Day Care with 9–14. The fee for a childcare center that is not in a home depends on its planned capacity. These fees are annual, so everyone you see on the California daycare license lookup is up-to-date with their fees. The annual fees are identical to these initial fees for daycares at homes. For those not in homes, the annual fee is half of the application fee.

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